Living life, stress is unavoidable – no question. Our body is capable of managing our daily stress – the function of your adrenal glands (located above your Kidneys) producing a major hormone called Cortisol (and a well known fight or flight hormone, Adrenaline). But, the trouble begins as you are CONSTANTLY under high level of stress.

There are three stages explaining how stress can affect your body.


1. Alarm Stage

This is the well known fight, flight or freeze stage. At this stage, you can recover from a prolonged rest.


2. Resistance Stage – High Cortisol Production

If the Alarm stage (1) continues to happen without a break, you progress into the Resistance Stage (2). You are feeling tired but wired, experiencing difficulty focusing, poor sleep, and anxiety. Coffee is your best friend. You are unsure whether you like to drink coffee or you cannot live without it. What’s more, at this stage, your male/female hormone products are also hindered causing further symptoms.


3. Exhaustion Stage – Low Cortisol Production

When the Resistance Stage continues without treatment and proper rest, you enter into the Exhaustion Stage (3).

  • You are feeling tired all the time. You just woke up and you feel you need to go back to bed and sleep more.
  • You are burned out and depressed. Small tasks you were able to handle without much thoughts, now it feels like you are running a marathon. Endless one. Working out makes you feel more exhausted.
  • You are always sick. It seems like you caught every cold and flu before anyone gets it. It would be easier to count the days in the month, when you are not sick.
  • You have low sex drive. You feel as if sex is a chore.
  • You are craving certain foods (especially salty foods like chips and fries).
  • Your skipped a period is delayed or early (if you are a woman). PMS is getting worse. Acne before period.
  • You cannot live out with coffee anymore.
  • And many more…

You symptoms are the key to diagnose the stage of your adrenal function. But often, you may experience symptoms from different stages all at once, which will be difficult to make an accurate assessment. The Test would be encouraged when you would like to see where you are exactly and to retest after a course of Adrenal Optimizing Treatment.

Consult with Dr. Park how you can improve your health by managing your stress level. At Dr. Shin Park, ND clinic, the Adrenal Function Stress Test kits are available to analyze your state of current health. Please read to Adrenal Function Saliva Test learn more.


Returning Patients

Book your 30 min follow up appointment today with Dr. Park to start the process. You will be instructed sample collection method, expected return of report timeline, and treatment process. Please Call 604.614.1514. or Send us Email


New Patients

Welcome to our Clinic, we are happy you have visited our website. In order to perform the test, every new patients are required to see Dr. Park for their Initial Visit to learn about your current medical condition and medical history. After the Initial Visit, we will start the testing process ASAP. You will be instructed sample collection method, expected return of report timeline, and treatment process. Please Call 604.614.1514. or Send us Email to start the process.



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