Recent studies on Acupuncture elicited questionable uses of Ibuprofen as a pain reliever for knee arthritis.

Ibruprofen (taken twice a day) and Acupuncture sessions (daily for 20 days, also with Tuina, Chinese medicine massage) demonstrated favourable response for Acupuncture sessions for relieving pain for knee arthritis, when compared.

Realistically, daily acupuncture for 20 days (20 min each) may be impossible – financially and timely. Popping a pill twice a day seems much easier and feasible.

BUT, not until you look at the unwanted effects of Ibuprofen:

  • may disturb the digestive tract
  • may lead to disruption of male hormone system, leading to repression of testes (leading to infertility)


Then what are the advantages for Acupuncture treatments?

  • do not cause adverse effects to the hormone system and digestive tract
  • reduces pain by promoting blood circulation and energy flow to the arthritic knee
  • alleviate pain and inflammation, without causing dependence on the long term use (seen in medication uses)

Dr. Park is available to help you alleviate your knee pain with combined approach of Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture.

Btw, daily Acupuncture sessions for 20 days are not what you are coming in for 😉 Let’s be realistic 🙂

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Reference: HealthCMi Health Care Medicine Institute
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