Dr. Park is thrilled to introduce RebaPad, a certified medical device, in her practice to bring pain relief and provide in-house testing for her patients. The RebaPad measures an individual’s energy levels, corresponding to physical, emotional, mental and causal states of health. The RebaPad is versatile and can also be used for organ testing, food sensitivity testing and testing the compatibility of other remedies including supplements and pharmaceuticals.

RebaPad has two functions,

1. Assessment device
Assessment areas include the following and not limited to,

  • Supplement compatibility
    • to test the supplements if they are beneficial for your health
  • Organ dysfunction / body system imbalance
  • Allergy & food sensitivity

2. Therapy device with focused pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)
Therapeutic areas include the following and not limited to,

  • Pain reduction
  • Wound healing
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Recovery from soft tissue injuries
  • Nervous system dysfunction / rebalance
  • Elevate energy level
  • Improve sleep
  • Stress relief

Frequencies applied with RebaPad’s 8 preset programs influence balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems impacting immune-endocrine-metabolism functions and help patients improve their:

  • sleep
  • stress tolerance
  • immune response
  • constitution
  • mental clarity
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • pain
  • wound healing
  • metabolic functions
  • overall feeling of well-being

2 applicators of RebaPad emit low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields in a focused and localized way. Dr. Park may use a unique feedback method while scanning the patient’s body with either applicator to find dysfunctional areas including inflammation, infection, scars, and unresolved emotional trauma/shock memories.

~ Breaking habits with brain wave frequency programs ~

Delta “Reassurance and Deep Relaxation”
Delta = insomnia/sleep disorders + strong relaxation program (sleep, nervousness, overtaxed). Helps one get into better sleep
F Delta Dorm = deep sleep program, for deep relaxation

Theta “Meditative, Relaxing, Pain Killer”
Theta = pain program, reduces tension.
F Theta Analog = for general pain treatment, wound healing, calming effect.

Alpha “Attention, Focus, Anti-stress”
Alpha = regulative + ANS rebalance (vegetative, nervous, overtaxed, overwhelmed), rejuvenation.
F Alpha Vegatative = Anti-stress, for regulatory dysfunction of the ANS, relaxing.

Beta “Increase in Concentration, Creative”
Beta = constitutional + activating/stimulating energies (general improvement and brightening of energy (vital energy), strengthen and improve concentration.
F Beta Constitution = stimulates and regulates energy, use with low life energy and acts like a ‘pick-me-up’ in low energy.

If you think you would benefit from RebaPad assessment and therapy, please inquire.
If you are new patient, please book your initial visit in order for Dr. Park to assess and provide treatment plans that would be appropriate for your care.
If you are Dr. Park’s existing patient, please let Dr. Park know of your interest in RebaPad during your follow up visit.

For more information about RebaPad, please visit: RebaPad ONDAMED (pdf)