Exciting News! Big Announcement! Happy post! Amazing Info.! It’s the start of the Naturopathic journey in your life. #naturopathicdoctors #edmonton #naturopathicdoctor #yourhealthmatters #promotionservices #yeg #healthcare #wellness #wellnesslifestyle…

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  • In the midst of Chaos

    In the midst of Chaos

    Where is my mind energy (qi) directed to? Answer: towards so many different things, so many different directions   The other Sunday, my pastor at my church emphasized on how we often miss the Importants over Urgents. These create unnecessary anxiety, depression,…

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  • Back in 1995

    Back in 1995

    image from @doublepkim Maybe this week, find a time where you are unplugged just like the old times. Who knows what it will bring to you. Be surprised. Stay surprised. Sincerely, Dr. Park    

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  • Guard your heart

    Guard your heart

      image from @rising_christians Happy Monday. Sincerely, Dr. Park    

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