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I highly recommend Dr Park's services. She is so caring and thorough with each visit. I sprained my ankle badly and started working with her right away. I had several acupuncture appt's and I was able to start healing my ankle very quickly. Dr Park uses many different techniques as part of her treatment plans. Now I schedule regular visits for overall wellness. I am so grateful to have found Dr Park.

Shan Prasad Avatar Shan Prasad
April 25, 2023

Dr. Park is very supportive and kind. She is great with children and gave me helpful advice for my son’s health concerns.

Natalie Scorah Avatar Natalie Scorah
April 25, 2023

I’ve been seeing Dr.Park for almost a month now. I did a bunch of research of naturopaths in Edmonton and was wanting to work with someone who specialized in anxiety . I knew from the moment I walked into Dr. parks that I made the right decision. She was so professional, and caring especially when it came to my mental health and healing journey. She’s given me so many remedies to help cope and heal . I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. I cannot recommend Dr. park enough!

Chanisse Dutchin Avatar Chanisse Dutchin
February 25, 2023

I have been seeing Dr. Park for 5-6 months now and I haven't felt this good in years!! I love that she listens to you about your concerns, honestly she is more like a friend than a doctor.

Bobbi Noble Avatar Bobbi Noble
February 25, 2023

It's really refreshing to see someone who is compassionate and actually cares about others health. Dr. Shin is the first Naturopath I've went to that actually looks for the root cause of people issues instead of getting you to do multiple tests.

christian schlamp Avatar christian schlamp
February 25, 2023

Dr Shin Park is outstanding at what she does, incredibly knowledgeable and personable. She is passionate about helping her patients using various methods of naturopathy. I appreciate her help getting to the root cause of my issues….still working on it but I know we’re going to have a breakthrough soon!

Ingrid Roffel Avatar Ingrid Roffel
January 25, 2023

I have been seeing Dr. Shin for roughly half a year now. I can honestly say that she has helped me a great deal. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everything she does is with compassion. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and it is always a comfort to see her. I always look forward to my next visit. Anyone looking for a natural approach to overall health and well being should pay her a visit.

Landen Bajer Avatar Landen Bajer
January 25, 2023

If your looking for a Naturalpath Dr, I highly recommend Dr Park, I’ve been seeing her for about 4 years now and she has helped me with my gut and overall health. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, personable and actually listens to you and you don’t feel like your judged or being rushed out the door.

Melissa Torkelson Avatar Melissa Torkelson
September 25, 2022

It was my first ever naturopathic appointment and Dr. Shin Park was so empathetic and I truly felt that she was determined to find the reason behind my illness.

Paula Kim Avatar Paula Kim
August 20, 2022

I went in with my daughter with a few health concerns and Dr Shin listened to all my concerns intently. We were given a remedy to use and within 1 week we seen results! So thankful for Dr Shin.

Maximin Carpentry Avatar Maximin Carpentry
August 14, 2022


I have been seeing Dr Shin Park now for approximately 6 months. She is very thorough and knowledge in her field. Her recommendations for reducing stress, restoring balance, and building up my immune system have helped tremendously. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my energy levels from regular B12 injections and ongoing Bowen therapy.

— CS


The clinic is a lovely place to visit, as soon as you enter it is very calm, and relaxing. The reception staff are all very helpful, patient, and understanding. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. I have seen Dr. Park. She has a fabulous bedside manner, is very knowledgeable, and has really helped me with what I have sought treatment for.

— BG


Ever since the birth of my daughter I had been experiencing diffuse joint and muscle pain throughout my body. It was quite uncomfortable especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a stretch of time. I suffered with this for a year before finding Dr. Shin. I signed up for a trial of 3 Bowen sessions. After the second session 80% of my pain was gone and after the 3rd session I was pain free! Now I find I can go 1-2 months before needing a tune up. Dr. Shin is very good at what she does and is a very gentle and caring practitioner. I recommend her to everyone! Thank you Dr. Shin!

— AL


My experience with Dr. Park has been nothing but positive. She’s professional in her practice and very personable. You can tell she loves what she does and truly cares about her patients. I’ve seen her for acupuncture and pain management treatments and have had promising results from both. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a Naturopathic Doctor!

— ST


I highly recommend Dr. Shin Park for acupuncture.

— SH


I have been seeing Dr. Shin Park for Acupuncture treatments the last 6 weeks or so. My condition has improved dramatically and I am very pleased with the results. The staff are courteous and helpful and the location is very convenient. Dr. Park is helpful, positive, and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to deal with and will make you fell right at home.

— GS


I’ve been going to Dr. Park for quite a few months now and have never felt better! I was not sure about acupuncture as I was afraid of needles, but my swollen feet is gone and my body feels light and “in tune” now. Dr. Park has the best bedside manner … she makes you feel at ease. I call her a miracle worker!!

— GS


I have been seeing Dr. Park since March 2017. She is kind, thoughtful and very professional. Dr. Park is open minded and will take time to consider my unique situation and adapt her treatments to suit my needs. The difference between how I was before seeing her and after has been profound and I am so glad I found her.

— PK


My wife sees Dr. Park and recommended her to me. She was professional, on time with her appointments and very thorough.

— MS


박신 선생님은 정말 좋으신 분이에요. 항상 웃는 얼굴로 반갑게 맞아주시고 치료도 잘 해주시고 더 아픈곳은 없는지 물어봐 주시고 도움을 주시려고 하시는 모습이 너무 좋습니다! 또 재밌기도하시고 환자를 사랑하시는 선생님이에요!! 활기차 보이는 클리닉! 추천합니다!!

— HL


After jumping around from specialist to specialist for three years, it wasn’t until I found Dr. Park that I found some relief for my symptoms. She is a breath of fresh air, and her and the staff are all so caring and patient. I always look forward to my next visit.

— HW


Dr. Shin is a knowledgeable, professional, kind and great listener. I’ve had issues all my life that I thought it was normal, for me anyway, and she has turned it around in a way which now I feel normal. She tackled my health issues that my family doctor didn’t know or care to find out to get me a suitable treatment. I’m great full for her help.

— CC


I’m so thankful for you.

— LS, 2020 December


The clinic is very organized, remembers clients and looks after them with great care.

—BM, 2020 December


Very knowledgeable
Most sincere
Kind hearted
And many more ….
— JL, 2021 January


Dr. Park is a great listener, highly knowledgeable, thorough and empathetic. Her recommended supplements are effective for me and my son. I highly recommend her.
— CS, 2021 January


Felt very welcomed. Listened to. Love the atmosphere.
— BM, 2021 February


Just what I needed!
— NS, 2021 February


Medicine for the soul!
— MS, 2021 February


Dr. Park is very knowledgeable and kind. I felt truly cared for while at my appt. and feel there is hope to relieve my symptoms. Thank you, Dr. Park.
— CS, 2021 February


I felt very cared for. Dr Park gave me hope.
— CS, 2021 February


Dr. Park is an excellent naturopathic doctor.
— GS, 2021 March


My neck became pain free after your treatment ! Thank you so much for your gentle touch !!!
—JA, 2021 March


Dr. Park is a very compassionate doctor, she always gives as much time as I need. I feel really cared for.
— AM, 2021 March


You’re doing a great job, thank you.
— HG, 2021 March


Felt met, seen and heard. You do a great job.
— BM, 2021 April


Very knowledgeable and professional.
— GD, 2021 April


Dr. Park is an excellent naturopathic doctor.
— CS, 2021 April


My neck and shoulders  feel so much better. I enjoyed Dr. Park’s treatment as always.
Thank you !
— JA, 2021 May


I always enjoy my visits to see Dr. Shin. She is the perfect balance of professional and relatable. Would highly recommend.
— VS, 2021 May


Always pleasant, professional  approach that I enjoy very much.
Thank you for helping me out 😊
— JL, 2021 August


Dr Park is always so kind and thorough.

—SS, 2021 September