Where is my mind energy (qi) directed to?

Answer: towards so many different things, so many different directions


The other Sunday, my pastor at my church emphasized on how we often miss the Importants over Urgents. These create unnecessary anxiety, depression, agitation, hate, regret, and many more unwanted signs and symptoms.


My daughter knows her IMPORTANTS, one of them being her daddy and going home. Marching towards both of them so focused and not looking around, just marching on with confidence.


Then I think… What are my URGENTS?

Probably things that are making my blood rushing away from my gut and rather putting my blood into heart pumping too fast and furious, putting my nervous system into a mode of fight or flight or rather freeze.

gosh, even thinking about it makes my body react in this way, not respond, REACT.


Not good.

Not productive, unless I have a bear running after me or I am fighting against it.



even just thinking about this, makes my mind calm, my brain focused and rational. Blood pressure calming, blood spreading evenly. The very opposite of my so called URGENTS.


My goal for now on,

focus on my IMPORTANTS.

say bye to my URGENTS.

Let the IMPORTANTS take priority of my thoughts, energy (qi), and my attention and time.


Hope the same for you, especially at times like this.

Hope you get to choose what your IMPORTANTS are over URGENTS, recognize them and act/respond, not react.




Dr. Park

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