New Patient

Are you new to Naturopathic Medicine?

Here are few things you will need to know before visiting a Naturopathic clinic. These are what new patients often asks:

What is the Nature of your Health Concerns?

The best way to start your journey to Naturopathic Medical Service, is to book your 15 min complimentary visit with Dr. Park. During this session, you and Dr. Park will be able to discuss how Naturopathic Medical Service will benefit your current health concerns. Please contact us 780.271.6107. or

Get familiar with your private extended insurance coverages.

Do you have extended medical coverage through your/spouse’s company? If so, please make sure to give your insurance provider (ex. Pacific Blue Cross, ManuLife, Sunlife, Great-West) a call to ask the following:

1. How much is naturopathic medical visits covered under your plan? (indicated as “naturopath services” or “naturopath”)
2. What is covered under your plan? Treatment sessions? Supplements? Labs?
3. What else would you need to know about your plan prior to your visit to Naturopathic Doctor’s office?

What should you expect from Dr. Shin Park, ND?

At Good2CU clinic, we value teamwork between patients and Dr. Park. Patients are always and will be in the driving seat during their journey to wellness with Dr. Park. She will provide approachable and friendly health guidelines for you to get better and meet your health goals.

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Do you have more questions about this treatment?
Please contact Dr. Park for 15 min Complimentary consultation:


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