Cleanse = Detoxification of Your Body

Our body accumulates waste from foods we eat, cosmetic & body products we put on daily,
medications we take, surrounding environment… that is why we need to do regular detox. Just like
cleaning our home (at lease weekly we hope).

Spring and Fall are the best time to cleanse. Look around the nature. During the Spring time, the
nature gets ready to start a new life. Same applies to our body. With the weather warming up, our
body is ready to eliminate waste and function more optimally.

While you are on the cleanse, the remedies you take will help you to cleanse at your cellular level.
During cleanse, you will take pH level of your urine 4 times (on day 1, 2, 15, 16).

Please see the Link Spring-Cleanse-Flyer

You will be taking two types of remedies.

1. Remedy to turn your body more alkaline (most of us are acidic, which causes body aches,
pains, joint stiffness in the morning, fatigue, foggy brain etc).
2. Homeopathy Remedy to cleanse your cells and their surrounding without causing side
effects. The advantage of taking homeopathic remedy is it will not force your body to do more
than it can, it will work with you at your own capacity therefore will not cause any unwanted
side effects.

During this 30 day cleanse, you will regain your energy, focus, and mobility.

Inquire today to start your Spring Cleanse!!

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